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CodeFire Technologies Provides following services to its clients.

Software Project/Product Development Services


CodeFire truly understands the challenges associated with custom application development. The collective experience of the management team is more than 40 years software consultancy. We provide following delivery models based on our client's requirement

  • Offshore Delivery Model
  • Onsite Delivery Model
  • Hybrid Delivery model

Assessment Services


CodeFire offers a formalized assessment framework, which uses industry's best practices. CodeFire's assessment offers comprehensive benefits including following:

  • Alignment of IT investment with Corporate Business Objectives
  • Adoption of uniform business process models
  • Adoption of best architecture to optimize ROI

CodeFire's framework provides a metric-based dashboard system to support a range of business intelligence tools and collaborative decision management system.

Please talk to our sales team to learn how our comprehensive portfolio assessment can help your organization leverage IT investments best.

Quality Assurance/ Testing Services


CodeFire Technologies offers specialized and high-end services to its customers. Our wide range of services include:

  • Migration to an Automated Test Platform
  • Building ANT based Regression Testing Framework
  • Load, Stress, and Scalability Testing
  • Internationalization/Localization Testing
  • Porting and Platform Certification
  • Test Specialization for Specific Industry Verticals

Training Services


CodeFire  offers training services on various software related fields. Our training program is customized to meet specialized needs of corporate organizations. Our training department can assist you in following areas:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Adoption of Service Oriented Architecture
  • Software As a Service (SaaS)
  • Adoption of JBoss





 We have delivered multiple solutions in the following areas:

  •  Open Source based Applications
  •  Web Based Applications (PHP, .NET, JAVA)
  •  Applications on Mobile Domain
  •  Communication Dashboards involving video chat, video streaming, desktop sharing 
  •  CRM Implementation

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